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The PlaneTalk Package

The PlaneTalk Package

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The PlaneTalk Package includes:

The PlaneTalk 80 page book. I used the comic strip format as a way of imparting the information in a fun and concise way, as a conversation between the guy who knows and the guy who doesn't. I have them trapped together on an airplane flight, hence the title.

The Guitar Slide Rule — a folded-sleeve-with-insert affair — that graphically crystallizes the lesson.

The PlaneTalk Video - The 70 minute video is the original DVD. It demonstrates the mindset in real time to real music and is now only viewable online.

The PlaneTalkers' Forum — a private forum — is an online discussion board where you can find me and other PlaneTalkers on a daily basis. It's also where you'll find the 20 bonus lessons. It's a very active meeting place where members regularly upload examples of their playing for critique and where you can ask questions about music in general and the PlaneTalk mindset in particular.

20 PlaneTalk Bonus Lessons - The bonus lessons are a collection of 20 video lessons I've put together over the years that teach various aspects of the mindset, over 3.5 hours worth of online videos, all reinforcing the simple but all-powerful lesson that PlaneTalk teaches.

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